Friday, September 21, 2012


Horoscope 23 september 2012

Heavy financial statements have been and will come, but today is not a day like this because out of nowhere appears a chance, an opportunity, not neglected.
However, not yoked promising that you will do more than you can!
Health seems fine although can be a bit challenged, do not despair, fight and you win.
Love can wait, financial stability is the main, for love in too hungry can not exist. But do not neglect the spiritual life for the material, it is possible that the price paid to be too high.

Aries 23.9.2012, taurus 23.9.2012, gemini 23.9.2012, cancer 23.9.2012, leo 23.9.2012, virgo 23.9.2012, libra 23.9.2012, scorpio 23.9.2012, sagittarius 23.9.2012, capricorn 23.9.2012, aquarius 23.9.2012, pisces 23.9.2012.
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