Saturday, September 29, 2012


Aries 30.9.2012, taurus 30.9.2012, gemini 30.9.2012  cancer 30.9.2012  leo 30.9.2012  virgo 30.9.2012  libra 30.9.2012, scorpio 30.9.2012, sagittarius 30.9.2012, capricorn 30.9.2012, aquarius 30.9.2012, pisces 30.9.2012.

A sunny day, spiritually.
You feel closer to God, closer than ever. Try to see the positive side of a tragedy (fatal accident). A friend, a relative, a colleague, someone you love, will give you a odd gift that will predict the bad sign that you always feared. Yet, after the rain the sun rises again. Good to know.
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